Future Clarity Mastermind

For those who have completed the 30 Day HOPE Challenge, this Mastermind is your next step!
It’s a monthly group video/phone conference where we talk about our progress toward the future we’re starting to see more clearly, answer questions, and help each other overcome any challenges we’re facing.
All calls will be recorded so if you miss one or want to review what was said, you’ll always have access to it.
You also get email access to Russ throughout the month for any last minute questions or situations that come up.
Join a tribe of like-minded people who are in hot pursuit of their best life… the life God created them for, and discover how empowering it is to have this level of support and encouragement for yourself!
Cost: $25 a month, and you can cancel at any time

Sign up now and your first month is free!

Our current 30 Day HOPE Challenge is over, but you can still purchase access and participate on your own!

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